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SEO and Keywords, blah blah blah, you hear this everyday on websites promising to make your website number one on the Google search results.  This is no longer the case these websites make promises they just can't deliver.  There are tricks you can do, but in the long run all you will do is waste a lot of time and your money!  Don't hurt your Google rankings by using underhanded methods!

Change the way your think!

SEO, SEM and Marketing all take hard work.  Sure you might have a pretty brand new website, but this will not help you in the long run.  Properly marketing your website can take as long or as much work or than you did just creating your website.

Your website is a living and breathing part of your business, and needs attention.  Doing just SEO anymore is not going to market your website properly.  It needs to be updated and monitored to make sure you are heading in the right direction.  What you do today, might not yield results for a while, so be prepared for the long haul.

There is no magic bullet marketing a website, but here are some free tips you can use.


Do your homework!

Read as much as you can on how to properly market your website, it doesn't matter if you have a brand new site or want to change the way you market an old one.  Do your homework about good marketing of your website and choose a reputable SEO company.  Remember SEO is just the beginning, there are many steps to marketing your website correctly.

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